Wine Sippin' in Chianti

Today, we spent the most beautiful afternoon at the Castle of Verrazzano in Chianti, Tuscany. Located on top of a hill, the castle overlooks the most breathtaking view. This area is also the first grape growing and wine producing area in the Chianti Classico region. 

The castle used to be home to the Verrazzano family, but their lineage has since ended. Nowadays, the castle belongs to the Cappellini family, who still carry on the tradition of winemaking and maintain the beautiful grounds.


After taking a little tour of the castle grounds and their wine cellars, we got to the best part - a five-course meal and wine tasting.


Our meal here was absolutely delicious. The pasta was some of the best I've ever had, and I ate everything up down to the last crumb of biscotti. And while I am not quite a sophisticated wine drinker yet, I definitely felt like one here. They taught us the proper etiquettes of drinking wine and how to enjoy it to its full potential. As the Italians say: “Without wine, there is no food. Without food, there is no wine.” This whole experience was just wonderful and made me appreciate the Italian food and wine culture even more.

To learn more or to book your own wine tour, check out their website:

*Originally published on Violets for Vivien