17 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Bother Visiting The French Riviera

During my study abroad in Florence, we a had a couple free weekends to do whatever we pleased. Feeling spontaneous, my friend and I decided to spend a weekend in the French Riviera. But honestly, you really shouldn't bother visiting at all...

1. Nice isn't very "nice" tbh


2. There is zero charm appeal


3. The views are mediocre


4. And there's nothing impressive about their architecture


5. Don't bother visiting the farmers market


6. Or their beach...I had a terrible time


7. You probably shouldn't go to Eze either


8. There's nothing worth seeing here


9. And while you're at it, just skip Monaco


10. It's not like Monte Carlo is anything special


11. And the famous Hotel de Paris is pretty unspectacular


12. Definitely stay away from Antibes


13. There's nothing good to eat here


14. Seriously, the food around here is disgusting


15. The French Riviera just isn't worth your time


16. You'd probably have more fun watching Netflix


17. Yeah, you should just stay home


*Originally published on Violets for Vivien